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A homeowner’s complete guide to home rewiring in 2023

When is rewiring a home necessary?

If you are looking to undertake a new renovation project in 2023, you may be in the process of understanding whether your project will need to have complete home rewiring before it is safe to live there. Deciding on a complete rewiring is a big decision to make as it can be expensive and cause considerable disruption, depending on where you are with the project. The rewiring of your home is one of the most important factors to consider when undertaking a renovation, as failure to complete it correctly could result in serious dangers and risks in the future. It is for this reason that we always recommend only an approved electrician.

  • If your chosen renovation project is 25+ years old, we recommend having an electrical inspection prior to purchasing the home to understand the state of your electrics before you make the investment. it may be that the property has not had a rewiring during its times, and the current electrical state may not be up to the current standards.
  • If you are planning major renovation work that will change the layout and materials currently in your existing project space, you will need to consider the possibility that at least a part rewire will be needed, including a fuse box upgrade, to ensure the project meets current standards.
  • Lastly, if you are extending or converting parts of your home, you will need to have new electrical wiring completed that matches current standards, and existing wiring will need to be improved so it can withstand the additional loads safely.

Electrical danger signs to look out for in your home

Without the inspection of an approved electrician, it can be difficult to tell whether you will need to have a home rewiring. There are, however, some danger signs to look out for in your home that will require the support of a domestic electrician.

  • A regularly tripping circuit breaker
  • Shocks from switches and plug sockets
  • Flickering or dimming lights
  • Exposed wires and cables
  • Burning smells and discolouration around sockets

If you notice any of the above bullet points in your home, or you have experienced these recently, get in touch with BES Electrical today and book an appointment to have your home electrics checked. Your electrician will be able to advise of the problem and what will be required to fix it.

*It is imperative that you do not attempt to fix your electrics yourself, as this could put your and others’ health and safety in danger.*

The benefits of rewiring your home

Whilst we understand that a rewiring project is costly and time-consuming, the benefits of having up-to-date electricity in your home far outweigh the inconvenience a rewiring project will initially cause. The older a house is, the more outdated its electrics will become, and this can lead to serious electrical damage in the future. Whilst your electrics should maintain a good state for a long time, older houses can be concerned if the original wiring stays in place.

What are the benefits of rewiring your home?

  • Peace of mind that you and your family are living in a safe home with a safe electrical system
  • A reduction in the risks and dangers associated with electrical systems
  • Your home is compliant with current standards and regulations
  • Your home will be more energy efficient
  • You have control over the placement of sockets, and you can choose smart technology installations
  • Increase the overall value of your home

As previously mentioned, home rewiring is not a simple task and is therefore not a job for an amateur or weekend DIY’er. If you attempt to undertake your rewiring project independently with any knowledge less than that of an approved electrician, not only could you be putting yourself and others in danger, but your insurance company make not pay out in the event of a fire, and future surveys could pick up the less than desirable electrics in the future, resulting in a decrease of your home value.

The rewiring of your home will be checked by a local authority inspector, as it is covered under Major Electrical work – something that must be declared to your local building control department prior to undertaking. In order for work to be agreed upon, any DIY’ers must be part of the Government approved Competent person scheme or support a building notice prior to any work being carried out.

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BES Electrical can support the rewiring of your home this year

Whether you are concerned about the electricity in your home or you are undertaking a home renovation project in 2023, you will need a local, domestic electrician you can rely on to ensure the rewiring in your home is completed safely and effectively. With over 20 years of experience in the electrical industry, from commercial properties to domestic support, BES Electrical has helped hundreds of customers with their electrical needs.

Get in touch with our helpful team now to book a free consultation or to request emergency support for dangerous electrics. We look forward to making your home safe in 2023.