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5 common reasons why your fuse box trips

Reasons why your fuse box trips occasionally

It can be a nightmare when you are sitting at home, waiting for the kettle to boil whilst catching up with the news, only to find that all your electricity suddenly cuts out and you are plunged into darkness. If this is something you experience pretty frequently, then chances are you have an issue somewhere in your home that is overloading and cutting out your fuse box.

Fuse box trips are relatively common in UK homes, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be avoided. If you are concerned about working on your fuse box at home or are not sure what the issue could be, we always recommend employing a qualified electrician who can work on your electrics to solve the problem. BES Electrical are your local electricians who have put together a handy guide for common reasons why your fuse box trips and what you can check to try and resolve the issue.

Overloaded circuits could lead to fuse box trips

A common reason why fuse box trips occur is due to overloaded circuits. Your fuse box won’t take too kindly to you using multiple appliances at once and may shut down the circuit as it’s not working the way it should. It’s surprisingly easy to overload your circuit without even realising it. Consider the television on in your child’s room whilst you have the kettle boiling in the kitchen, your hair appliance on, mobile phones being charged, and you are listening to the news on the radio. It sounds like a lot, and you may not even realise that all these appliances take their tool on your electrical circuit.

Avoid your fuse box tripping by always being aware of how many appliances are plugged in and being actively used, mainly if they are all on the same circuit. This can be dangerous and, if left unchecked, could result in much worse than fuse box trips.

Are your appliances faulty?

If you are using old or potentially damaged appliances, this could be the cause of your fuse box tripping. Faulty electrical appliances could have a problem with the wiring or be old and worn out. If you find your fuse box trips when you switch a device on, the chances are it could be this appliance that is causing the problem. Once you have identified the damaged machine, avoid using it until you can safely repair it or replace the item.

If your appliance is new or does not appear to be worn out in any way, it is worth checking and replacing the fuse situated inside your appliance’s plug. Read your manufacturer’s instructions before undertaking this task. Be sure to remove the fuse correctly and replace it with the correct size fuse, so your appliance works correctly.

Faulty connections could lead your fuse box to trip

It’s not only your appliances that could be causing your fuse box trips. Sometimes, whilst your investigations may lead to an appliance, it could be the outlet that is the problem. Look out for these apparent signs to identify whether your outlet is the problem and call BES Electrical if you think you may have an issue:

  • Scorch marks around the outlet
  • A smell of burning
  • Visible smoke or smell of smoke

If you cannot identify any of the above issues, but your appliance works fine in another outlet, there may be damage inside the outlet, such as water damage, that you cannot see. Turn the outlet off, do not use it and contact a local electrician who will resolve the problem safely for you.

Damaged plugs and cables could be why your fuse box trips

Often the most common reason when homeowners have pets are damaged cables. Household pets can chew on the wires, leaving the internal workings exposed and hazardous to animals and humans alike. This will result in your fuse box tripping as the electrical current running to your appliance isn’t safe. Another common problem is a slow cooker! Ensure your cable is clear of the slow cooker to avoid melting the wire and tripping your fuse box. If your cord is damaged in any case, replace it as soon as possible and avoid using the appliance.

Plugs can be damaged after being knocked or pulled incorrectly from the wall – this often happens when someone trips over the cable left dangling across the floor! You may expect to see some damage to your plug due to this – perhaps where the plug and cable meet. However, this is not always the case. If your plug is damaged, replace it to avoid fuse box trips and potential hazards.

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BES Electrical are here to help you when your fuse box trips

BES Electrical has supported many homes and businesses with fuse box challenges and electrical concerns as your local, qualified electricians. Over the last ten years, we have built our reputation across the Home Counties and Oxfordshire as reliable and friendly electricians that work with our clients to provide the best outcomes. Whether you are building a new home and require a completely new electrical circuit, or you are an office in need of some support with faulty lighting, BES Electrical are the team you need to ensure you are never left in the dark again. Give us a call today for a free no-obligation quote on your electrical services.