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How Can An Electrical Contractor Help You With Your Home Renovation Project?

Home renovation projects are a significant job to take on, and one that’s usually not best done alone. Even if going solo might seem more cost-effective, there are specific tasks that you should leave to professional electrical contractors. This includes anything electricity-based, which you can hire an electrical contractor to come out and help with, rather than undertaking the project yourself.

Electrical contractors like us can do a lot for your home during renovations to ensure that the result is everything you want it to be. These five improvements are just some of the highlights.

Adding Lighting

Artificial lighting plays a vital role in any room. As soon as the sun sets, it makes all the difference between whether a room is bright and welcoming, or dark and creepy.

If you’re looking to increase the lighting in your home to avoid the latter, you’ll want an electrical contractor around to do the job. Electrical contractors will be able to coordinate everything from start to finish, from discussing where the best places are to install new lights, to getting them wired in safely.

There might be complications with light placement due to existing wires and pipes within the walls, which is why you shouldn’t do this yourself. Even if you feel confident that you can hook everything up correctly, this job will be in far safer hands with us.

Installing Ventilation

Ventilation is essential for any home, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. Without it, you risk damp developing in your walls, as well as contaminating the air in your home. This could put your health at risk, which is not what you want in the place where you’re supposed to be the safest.

While windows can obviously help with ventilation, systems can also be installed to ensure that moisture, odours, smoke and pollution are filtered out effectively. An electrical contractor can actually help with this, capable of installing things like extractor fans to ensure your air remains safe to breathe. You might consider having these fitted during renovation work, especially if damp and mould are part of the reason you’re doing the upgrade in the first place.

Rewiring Faulty Electrics

If the electrics in your home have been around for two decades, they’re not likely to be as safe and secure as ones that were only installed last year. It’s natural for them to degrade over time, with potential issues like damp only exacerbating any problems.

Obviously, wiring that’s degraded isn’t safe to keep around as it could lead to electrical fires and power outages. If your home is being remodelled, this may be an excellent opportunity to deal with any old wiring by having an electrical contractor replace it.

From identifying what areas need to be rewired to carrying out the task, we can handle everything so that you don’t need to worry about your electrics fighting back. Even if you haven’t been having any problems, if you know that the wiring is old, it’s worth getting it checked during your renovation. Just because it’s fine now, doesn’t mean it still will be in a few months.

Adding New Sockets

It’s always frustrating when you need to plug something in, but there’s no socket nearby for you to use. Either that, or the closest one is already full, so you either have to unplug something or find an alternative solution.

Remodelling gives you an excellent opportunity to fix this, as you can get new sockets installed in the places they’re needed most. Provided an electrical contractor can do this safely; you’ll no longer have to worry about charging your phone on the other side of the room.

Installing Electrical Heating

For the increasingly eco-conscious out there, electric heating is becoming a favoured option over gas-powered systems. It’s not just the environmental benefits that make this heating solution so preferable, though. There’s also the fact that it’s more efficient, converting 100% of electricity into heat without any waste. Plus, the development of new technology means that controlling this heating system is easier than ever.

If you’re interested in utilising these advantages in your home, an electrical contractor should have no trouble installing electric heaters during your renovation. We’ll be able to switch you to this more environmentally-friendly alternative, so you can start heating your home without heating the planet.

If you’ve got a renovation project coming up, you could definitely benefit from hiring an electrical contractor. Rather than searching for electrical contractors in my area, you can get in touch with us and find out if we can help.

Our team of expert electrical contractors are always just a phone call or email away, so contact us if you want to know precisely what changes we can make to your home. Whether you have questions to ask or you’re just after a quote, we’re here to help.

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