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Electrical safety: Unplugging your appliances

How much could you save by unplugging your appliances?

It’s common knowledge to switch off the power before a repair or installation, but did you know that it’s good practice to be unplugging your appliances whenever they are not in use? This might sound crazy, but many everyday appliances continue to use electricity even when they’re switched off and left plugged into the wall. This is because they’re plugged into a socket outlet, which remains active regardless of whether appliances are plugged in or not. This can be a real drain on your electricity bill. The energy consumed is wasted energy since it is consumed by a device that is not being used. Incandescent light bulbs, televisions, and kitchen appliances are typical electrical devices that can increase your bills.

There are many ways to save electricity. Some examples are turning off lights when you leave a room, unplugging your phone charger when not using it, and using an energy monitor app. Some apps let you turn off your TV, radio, and other electronics when they aren’t in use. These apps will tell you what kind of energy savings you could get. You can also switch out your light bulbs for LEDs, which use less energy and last longer. If you are looking for something bigger, there are solar panels that charge batteries during the day and then provide electricity at night.

Unplugging your appliances before you go on holiday

It seems obvious to turn off your devices when you leave the house, but not all electronics are designed to save energy. Some devices continue to draw electricity even if they are turned off. For example, many smartphones and tablets will continue to show time or battery life while in standby mode. These devices may also keep their lights on to indicate that they are “on” even though they aren’t using any power. Computer monitors and televisions often continue to display information about what programs are running even when they are turned completely off. And even when a device is powered down, it may still be using energy through its hard drive, Wi-Fi signal, or other components.

Many of us are looking forward to a well-deserved holiday this year, but none of us wants to come home to find a substantial electric bill or, worse, a fire that happened whilst we were away. Unplugging your appliances before leaving for the airport should be just as important as packing your case and remembering your passports. Not all appliances are designed to be left on all the time – like our fridge freezers. For those that aren’t, it could significantly impact your electric bill whilst you are away – and why should you continue to pay for something when you aren’t using it?

Appliances, including tumble dryers, dishwashers and washing machines, should never be left on when you leave home. Not only could you save money on your bills, but you could also be prolonging the life of your appliance by unplugging it. The more appliances you have around the home, the more susceptible they are to a power surge, which could cause danger and fires in your home.

Safety benefits of unplugging your appliances

Old electrical appliances, plugs and cables can be hazardous. Just because there’s no flame doesn’t mean there’s not a fire risk. Check to see if your appliances are safe. Make sure you have all the safety equipment you need before using them. If you think something may be unsafe, contact an electrician immediately.

Unplugging your appliances doesn’t just save money. It can also reduce the risk of electrical fires because when an appliance isn’t plugged in, there’s less chance it will get damaged by surges. If power surges occur while an appliance is plugged in, it could start a fire. An appliance might not necessarily need to be plugged in to function correctly. For example, if you’re using a microwave oven, you don’t need to plug it in to cook. But, if you leave it plugged in, you’ll increase the risk of damage. You can also prevent fires by unplugging your appliances.

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