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Choosing the right energy-efficient appliances to reduce your monthly home costs in 2022

Energy-efficient appliances in your kitchen and bathroom

Dishwashers, electric heaters and TVs all add the extra pounds to our electricity bills, and that’s without looking at all the other appliances we have in our home. If we add up all the appliances we use on a daily basis in our homes, it’s no wonder many of us are looking for ways to decrease those bills and aim to make efficient changes at home. If you are looking to decrease your home bills in 2022, switching to energy-efficient appliance installation could be the way you need to go.

Our kitchens are one of the biggest guzzlers of electricity in the home. It’s where we spend the majority of the time (aside from sleeping) and where you will find our cookers, fridge freezers, washing machines and dishwashers. By simply changing a few appliances in your kitchen to energy-efficient appliances, you could end up saving over £250.00 per year! This Money reported that swapping your C rated fridge to an A+++ could save you up to £113.00 every year.

If you are using a tumble dryer, particularly an older one, and are looking to save, we suggest you start to think of alternative ways to dry your clothes. If the weather is looking nice, why not get that washing out on the washing line, save on your bills and give your clothes the fresh outdoor smell they deserve?

Time to move on to your bathroom. Whilst you may not think you can save much on your electric bill in the bathroom, it will all depend on the appliances you are using. Electric showers, for example, are one of the most electric consuming appliances you could have in your home and could well be responsible for up to 1460 kWh every year. If you can, why not consider a traditional shower instead? Don’t forget to turn off smaller appliances such as a toothbrush or razor charger as well. These small outputs can often be left on for long periods of time, wasting electricity and not even charging your items.

Energy-efficient appliances in your bedrooms and office

Many of us will have seen a hike in our energy usage after having to work from home for the last two years. If you are continuing to work at home in your office for the foreseeable future, you will need to consider looking at energy-efficient appliances that make your life a little easier. If you are looking for a new computer, those marked with an energy star use between 30%-65% less energy than those computers without an energy star label. Once you have left your office for the night, remember to turn off your appliances, including your computer and any smart speakers and turn off all plugs, so you are not leaking electricity unnecessarily.

Ah, the bedroom – one of the UK’s favourite rooms in the house. Admittedly not somewhere you are likely to find a washing machine or a fridge, but there are still energy-efficient appliances to be purchased for the bedroom. If you have a TV, the chances are you leave it on standby when it’s not in use? Depending on the age of your TV, this could be costing you a lot more than you think, with the average UK household spending around £55 per year on appliances being left on standby. Our main piece of advice for your bedroom appliances is always to turn them off when not in use (yes, even your phone charger!)

How else can you save money on your electricity bill this year?

BES Electrical want to help you save as much money as possible on your rising energy prices, and we hope the handy hints and tips below will assist you in making good electric choices that bring your bills down and release the challenge of paying your bills this year:

  • Don’t leave your plugs on or your appliances on standby when they are not in use
  • The best energy-efficient appliances have an A+++ rating
  • Consider switching your bulbs to LED to save money
  • Block up cracks or gaps using draught excluders
  • Give your rooms as much sunlight as possible during the day to keep them warm
  • Take a look at installing a smart meter so you can become more electric aware

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BES Electrical aim to save you money on your electricity bills this year

When it comes to saving money on energy, there are a lot of different things that you can do to make an impact. The average homeowner can cut their energy costs by up to 20% by making a few simple upgrades to their appliances. We hope you enjoyed reading this blog about the impact energy-efficient appliances can have on your energy consumption and monthly expenses.

We know that saving energy and money is a priority for a lot of people—and it should be! But with so many different appliances out there, it can be hard to know how to make the switch. Contact your utility provider if you’d like to learn more about how these appliances can save you money. Or, if you’re looking to make an energy-efficient upgrade in your own home, you can contact your local domestic electrician BES Electrical.