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Prepare your garden electrics for winter in 2022

Are your garden electrics ready for cold winter nights?

We know, we know! Nobody wants to hear that the nights are drawing in and the weather is getting colder! After having such a beautiful summer, something we brits are not often used to, it’s going to be difficult to welcome in the harsher weather and early nights. However, now is the time to start getting prepared for the oncoming season change, and an important element that many of us seem to forget is protecting our garden electrics. Whether your outdoor sockets could do with a bit of maintenance, or you need to string up those outdoor fairy lights for some added security, your garden electrics should be a home priority whilst the weather is still OK.

Tips for preparing your garden for winter

Cut down any overgrown branches – Branches and foliage can often cause havoc during the winter months. If not kept in check, they can land on power lines and garden electrics, causing dangerous situations or power outages for homes. Clear away your branches and dead hedges before winter arrives.

Clear your gutters and drains – The last thing your home needs during freezing temperatures is to have a blocked drain. Blocked drains can lead to water back up, resulting in water pouring down the side of your home or leaking through windows and roofs. Needless to say, water and electricity do not mix, and this could cause a real safety hazard in your home.

Don’t forget about your roof – Lastly, we often forget about the satellites and aerials on our roof, but when the storms set in, these are the first to be ripped away! Ensure your satellites and aerials are secured safely to your roof and repair any damage whilst you are up there.

Check your porch and garden lights for safety

Whilst many of us are now relying on electronic doorbells (such as Ring) to protect our homes, the traditional security light is just as important and needs to be in good working order at all times. If we are arriving home later at night, the chances are, we are going to need the porch light to activate and show us the way to our front door and where the lock is!

With one burglary occurring every 22 seconds, it’s no wonder we are looking for ways to improve our home security. Security lights are a good deterrent for burglars and unwanted guests if positioned correctly. Ensure your security light is not pointing towards the inside of your home or lighting it up in any way. If you find your security light is not working or working intermittently, get it checked with a reliable domestic electrician and keep your home safe.

Protect your garden electrics from frost and snow

During the winter months, it is very common for homeowners to experience power cuts and electrical surges, which can destroy garden electrics and equipment. If you have invested in an expensive garden electrical or piece of equipment and it is going to be left outside, you will want to protect it from the elements. You can do this by making sure that your garden electrics are covered and that the area is secured.

If you are planning to have lights in your garden for Halloween, Christmas, or just to string up some fairy lights around your garden building, you are going to need a sturdy outdoor-rated extension cord that is built to handle outdoor weather. Using an indoor extension cord for your garden electrics could lead to some serious consequences if your cord gets wet or damaged. If you are planning on using decorative lights, make sure they are made for outdoor use as well. Even if you are just decorating your porch and think the lights will be undercover most of the time, outdoor lights are a much safer option for your garden electrics.

Many of us string lights from inside our homes through the windows. Not only does this not protect our homes as we are leaving windows open, but these lights plug into internal sockets, meaning if water can run down the wiring, it could damage the electricity in our home. We recommend having a strong outdoor socket fitted, where you can safely plug in your decorative outdoor lights without worrying about doing any damage to your home.

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BES Electrical can help with your garden electrics

With so much to remember as we move into the winter months, it can be a challenge to tick everything off our lists! That’s why BES Electrical is supporting homes across Buckinghamshire with preparing their garden electrics for winter. As a reliable electrician team, we offer a number of services to homes and businesses in and around Buckinghamshire, including:

  • In and outdoor lighting installation
  • In and outdoor socket installation
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Rewiring and faulty wiring repairs

If you need support with your garden electrics in 2022, get in touch with BES Electrical today and see how we can help your garden get winter ready.